Solway Scenes

Bowness Railings

Criffel from Silloth

The remains of the old railway viaduct at Bowness, with Criffel in the background

Port Carlisle Harbour

Sunset over Criffel, from Campfield Marsh

Port Carlisle Harbour during the big freeze in January 2010

Rainbow over Bowness

Sunset over Bowness Viaduct

Storm over the Solway

Looking towards Port Carlisle from Bowness Railings

Stilt Sand twitch, Campfield Marsh, September 2008

The Solway Bore approaches Glasson Point

The Solway Bore

Glasson Point from Drumburgh Marsh

Looking over to Scotland from Drumburgh Marsh


4 Responses to Solway Scenes

  1. Nick Hayton says:

    You have some great pics on your site. Do you live around Port Carlisle? I’m just further round the coast at Boustead Hill. Keep up the good work.

  2. Duncan Cowan says:

    Just came across your blog, its well written and highly informative.
    I’m fairly new to birding, but gems like your blog are a great inspiration….please keep it up!

    Many thanks

    Duncan (Born in Dumfries, now live in Devon).

  3. mio2mio says:

    I like your sunset, your pics are very good

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