A bit about Me

Welcome to ‘Solway Sandpiper’, a website and blog following the ups and downs of birding on the Solway and occasionally further afield. A reformed twitcher (well sort of), I now spend most of my spare time searching through the birds on the Solway, hoping to find a rarity. It is a superb area to go birding, masses of Barnacles and Pinks in the winter months, Skua passage during the spring, and waders in the summer and autumn. Breathtaking scenery and excellent birding is in my opinion – perfection.

I also attempt to get photographs of the birds I see, this began back in 2003 when I purchased a Nikon Coolpix 4500 for ‘digiscoping’ – which I still use today. In 2008 I bought a DSLR and I certainly find this far more rewarding, whatever the end result I just enjoy getting my own record of a particular moment.


6 Responses to A bit about Me

  1. Enjoyed reading – made me smile! Some crackin’ shots in there esp the purp sands ….. and woodcock in the garden ……. I’m not jealous – no – really ……….. !!

  2. john miles says:

    Do you want to come up and photo this LEO which is here for the 4th day well out in the open?

  3. Ian fleming says:


  4. steve barna says:

    Hi, great pictures, what sort of camera do you use?

  5. R Folder says:

    Enjoyed your photos of Uist we were there last year we got some good views of Snowey Owl

  6. Craig Baker says:

    Liked the site:) I’ve been a birder for decades and just seen someting very unusual, any chance of a phone call?

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