30th November 2014 – New blog….

Over the last year I’ve become very aware that many of my posts have been about fellwalking and scenery and not about birds at all.

When I started Solway Sandpiper it was always intended to be a diary of my birding trips on the Solway and my occasional delve into the dark side of twitching. More recently I have to say I’ve lost a bit of interest in birding, it can get pretty tiresome going on the patch and seeing naff all every time. More and more of my free time is currently being spent enjoying photography and fellwalking, but clearly this isn’t what I intended for this blog. So the birders amongst you will be glad to know that any waffle about fells and the like won’t be appearing on here any more – I now have a new blog which will follow my photography and fellwalking trips. Of course I shall still be posting on here, as and when I am motivated to go birding rather than walking.

Anyway, feel free to take a look at my new blog here:


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2 Responses to 30th November 2014 – New blog….

  1. fish3434 says:

    I always look forward to reading your blogs mate regardless of what it’s about, you inspire me to get out and about

  2. craig@shaw6009.freeserve.co.uk says:

    Wonderful landscape photography. Shame about the birding I felt exactly the same and needed to get away from crappy politics of birding. Birders and birds are so much better down here. Hope things pick up for ya mate.


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