24th September 2014 – Pinks over Great Gable…

The summit of Great Gable is just shy of 3000ft high, and I was having a well-deserved sandwich at the Westmorland Cairn whilst taking in one of the finest views that my eyes had ever seen…(click to enlarge)…


No-one else was about, and apart from the occasional ‘cronk’ of a Raven and the distant waterfalls cascading down from Scafell Pike it was completely silent. And then through the silence I heard a familiar sound – Pink-footed Geese, certainly not what I was expecting to see up here! I thought it was amazing to see these migrating birds flying so high through this breathtaking scenery…



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2 Responses to 24th September 2014 – Pinks over Great Gable…

  1. Robert Folder says:

    Hi Darren You have had a lovely day on Gable. I have been up there four times and never had the views. Set of on nice day but mist came down and once in a blizzard also was at a wedding it snowed that day as well. Down on Solway on Wednesday got good views of Curlew Sand and plenty of Geese flying over high up. Did not get over to the North East as my sister was take I’ll there will be another day Robert

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  2. Carl Baggott says:

    I’ve heard and seen Pinks flying over the Cairngorms, so I know how amazing it is to experience them high up in the hills. You must be getting quite fit with all this hill walking?

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