7th September 2014 – Lancasters over the Solway…

One of the reasons we climbed up on to the summit of Binsey was to hopefully see the last two airworthy Lancasters which we knew were due to fly over Windermere mid-afternoon. It was all a bit pot luck though because I wasn’t sure of their flight path, but I figured that they may fly down Bassenthwaite on their way south. As we sat on the summit I was ecstatic to pick them up over Criffel! I watched – and listened, as these fantastic planes flew over the Solway and then down Bass Lake, it was a sight and sound that I will truly never forget. Had I known their flight-path for sure I would’ve climbed a different fell for better shots as they were always distant from Binsey and I was looking into the sun. Click on pics for larger versions…






Above: That’s the Isle of Man in the way distance!


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2 Responses to 7th September 2014 – Lancasters over the Solway…

  1. Great photos. We were staying ‘over your way’ (on Windermere) at the weekend and they were to pass over Windermere at 14:50 but that was, allegedly, changed at the last minute. Did get them at 10am tho’, on the outward journey, which was breathtaking!

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