7th June 2014 – Garden Mystery…

Whilst cutting the lawn one day last week I noticed what at first glance looked like part of a fat ball in the grass, but then I remembered that we haven’t been putting fat balls out for a couple of months now. I had a closer look and thought it may have been a pellet of some sort, but then as I began to pick through it with my fingers I noticed that it was parts of small crabs and that it smelled fishy.


Most of the smaller bits fell through the grass but I collected what I could to take a photo…

With a 1p piece for scale

With a 1p piece for scale

Our garden is approximately 1 mile from the actual edge of the Solway Estuary – but only a few hundred metres away from the marsh. It would be nice to think that we’d been visited by an otter… 

The 3 nest boxes in our garden that were occupied by Tree Sparrows have all fledged successfully…


And we have occasional visits by Spotted Flycatcher.


The railings roost has again been poor this spring (well it has on my visits anyway!), but one day last week there was over 60 Sanderlings…


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One Response to 7th June 2014 – Garden Mystery…

  1. Carl Baggott says:

    Intriguing – otter spraint can be various colours and will obviously break down leaving just the solids. You need a stealth game camera.

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