31st January 2014 – Little Egrets on the rise…

Pretty much every time I go out at the moment I see Little Egrets somewhere on the Inner Solway, it certainly seems to have been a good winter for them up here. This morning I did my usual drive around, and it wasn’t long before I saw my first one at the Longburgh end of the marsh road. My 2nd soon followed on the marsh at Easton Road end, while the 3rd was found between Glasson and Port Carlisle. A 4th was just west of Port harbour, with another at the Railings, making a total of 5 so far. Continuing westwards a 6th was on the pool by the viaduct, with my final sighting of one on the scrape at Campfield. I’m pretty sure none were duplicated, and I think it’s fair to say that there are presumably other egrets out there on the marshes that aren’t visible from the road, or were out of view when I drove past – just how many are really out there?

What an incredible change in a relatively short space of time, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that I actually ‘twitched’ my first Little Egret on the Solway – I had to go ‘all the way’ to Grune Point for one – now I just have to walk a few hundred yards from the front door to see them! And only as recently as 2001, just one bird was seen in the whole of the year…



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2 Responses to 31st January 2014 – Little Egrets on the rise…

  1. Nice shots Darren, I wonder where they are roosting ?
    All the best Gordon.

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