14th January 2014 – County Durham…

After working all weekend I was really looking forward to my day off today, and despite finishing at midnight last night I was keen to get out birding as soon as possible. As we headed east along the A66 we experienced heavy rain, dense fog and generally overcast, gloomy conditions – and it didn’t improve all day really. Oh well, you can’t change the weather. Thankfully though the birds did their best to cheer us up, starting with an adult Bewick’s Swan with 3 Whooper Swans just north of Sadberge…



Then on to search for one of my favourite birds – a Great Grey Shrike. One of these beauties has been wintering to the south of Bradbury and after parking up by the railway bridge we approached the two birders who were already stood there – however it wasn’t good news, they hadn’t managed to find it. Thankfully after about 20 minutes I located it perched along a distant hedgerow where it gave good scope views, but it was definitely a digiscoping job, and it was so gloomy that these were taken on a 1/4 second exposure…



Two Glossy Ibises were nice to see near Boldon Flats NR, unfortunately today though they were a little bit distant as they strolled around/slept in the second field back from the lane, and views were always obscurred by a horrible fence…


We finished off the day by watching some delightful berry-munching Waxwings in Jarrow, where they gave us some tremendous views, no doubt helped by us staying inside the car whilst we watched…

Who ate all the berries?!

Who ate all the berries?!







Not too many Waxwings about this winter so they were great to see, and let’s be honest, they are always a pleasure to watch.

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2 Responses to 14th January 2014 – County Durham…

  1. Carl Baggott says:

    It looks like you had a pretty successful day out and I agree you can never tire of seeing Waxwings. – excellent shots of them by the way.

  2. fish3434 says:

    Cracking photos of the waxwings mate. There were 2 digi scopes on a field along the A6 on our way home today, I spotted some birds in the field but not sure what they had there eye on

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