4th January 2014 – Siberian Chiffchaff at Dalston…

This bird was found by Col on New Years Day and was still present today at the water treatments works at Lowmill, just NE of Dalston. It seems faithful to an area of scrub alongside the perimeter fence by the stream and railway line on the west side. I’m not gonna pretend to be any kind of expert on the subtleties of Siberian Chiffchaff identification but everyone seems happy enough…







I’ve gotta be honest I was really disappointed with all my pics, they were all taken on ISO1600, the highest the 40D allows. Unfortunately it was pretty gloomy where the chiffy was hanging out, so I had no choice but to go up that high – and even then I only got 1/160th sec! The 40D seems to have limitations which newer models don’t, the photos get very ‘noisy’ and ‘grainy’, personally I prefer not to go above ISO640, and I don’t even like going that high! Oh well, as Santa didn’t bring me a 5D Mark III, grainy photos it is. I must’ve been a bad lad in 2013…

Apart from the chiffy there were loads of other birds along the stream…



It was also nice to have a natter with some like-minded folk, there were 4 birders/photographers there when I arrived and another two arrived after me – that’s a big twitch by Cumbrian standards!

Still big tides on the Solway today, the bore is an impressive sight (and sound) as it travels up the estuary…

Passing Port Carlisle

Passing Port Carlisle


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One Response to 4th January 2014 – Siberian Chiffchaff at Dalston…

  1. Carl Baggott says:

    It looks like a Sibe Chiffy to me and a recent Dutch paper basically says if it looks like one it is one.

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