28th December 2013 – Black Brant and Hawfinch…

This morning I finally had the opportunity to go for the Black Brant in the south of the county at Roa Island.

Roa Island

Roa Island

This is presumably the same bird that was first seen last winter as a juvenile/1st winter and will be the first record for the county if accepted. When we arrived it was still almost dark, but peering into the early morning gloom Col and I could just about make out a group of Dark-bellied Brents reasonably close to the causeway. As it slowly got lighter we managed to pick out the Black Brant amongst them, but all too soon a larger group of Pale-bellied Brents joined them and they all flew off towards Westfield Point.

Roa Island from Westfield Point

Roa Island from Westfield Point

with Pale-bellied Brent behind...

with Pale-bellied Brent behind…


with Pale-bellied Brent...

with Pale-bellied Brent…




with Dark-bellied Brent...

with Dark-bellied Brent…



As we were passing Sizergh on the way back home it seemed rude not to pop in. We weren’t too optimistic though because it was late morning and the car park was filling up and getting noisy. But what do ya know, look what we saw….





Marvellous, and back home for just after 12pm. Can’t be bad.

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