22nd December 2013 – BONKERS! – Inland Black Guillemot is a real mega…

Just about the last species of bird you’d expect to see at Talkin Tarn would be a Black Guillemot, but that’s exactly what’s been there for three days now. A truly astounding record, and congrats to Nick for this quite bonkers sighting. In fact I can’t recall any records at all of an inland Black Guilly, I’m sure there must’ve been somewhere? I arrived this afternoon and I must admit it was quite surreal to see this bird paddling about with the fells in the background! Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, it doesn’t look particularly well, it often had it’s eyes closed, and at one point it paddled to within 10 feet of the shore, not once did it attempt to feed…. hmmm. I really hope the little fella makes it, but I honestly can’t see it surviving much longer unless it moves on soon – especially as more storms and heavy rain are on the way. A big flock (250+) of Bramblings were sitting in the trees above me whilst I watched it too.













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2 Responses to 22nd December 2013 – BONKERS! – Inland Black Guillemot is a real mega…

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