10th December 2013 – Patchwork Challenge 2014

As you’ll no doubt be aware from reading my ramblings I do most of my birding on the Solway. Sure I still like to go on the occasional twitch if I have the opportunity or if the bird is juicy enough, but to me patch birding is far more rewarding and it suits my lifestyle far more these days. It seems that I’m not alone, lots of birders these days seem to be abandoning twitching and concentrating more on their local patch. For a start it’s cheap – pretty important for me, and very occasionally there can be the huge satisfaction of finding a local or national rarity. And that, for me, is what keeps me going out, one day I might just clap eyes on that big rarity that I’ve always dreamt about! So to keep me interested during 2014 I’ve decided to get involved in the Patchwork Challenge. It looks like it might be a fun thing to do, here’s my patch:

Patchwork Challenge

The rules say the patch must be less than 3 square km, but I’m quite optimistic about the one I’ve chosen, it goes from Bowness Viaduct in the west through to Easton road end in the east, so I’ve managed to include Bowness Railings, Port Carlisle and Drumburgh. I’ve also managed to include a bit of Glasson Moss too!

It’s disappointing (but not surprising) that a look at the patches map shows only one patch in Cumbria – mine! Anyway, it’ll get me looking even harder, I reckon some of the common stuff could even be quite tricky to get.

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