9th October 2013 – Great White Egret on Rockcliffe Marsh…

I thought I’d nip up to the Edward I monument viewpoint today to hopefully see the Great White Egret that has been on Rockcliffe Marsh recently. I knew it would probably be the worst ever views of any kind of egret I’ve ever had – but as it was a year tick, and only ten minutes away from home I thought I’d entertain myself! But before I go on, there are a few things that you need to know if you’re trying to see any birds on Rockcliffe Marsh from this viewpoint:

  1. Firstly, the bird needs to be big – the bigger the better, and preferably bright white too. So a Great White Egret is probably as good as it gets (as long as you can tell the difference between egrets and swans- cuz there’s some of them out there too). 
  2. The most powerful telescope that you can lay your hands on is a must.
  3. Thirdly you need a really good imagination.

And even then it can take some finding! But after about 20 minutes of searching I finally saw it, and I can confirm it was without doubt the crappest views of a Great White Egret that I’ve ever had.

Check out this award-winning shot…


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2 Responses to 9th October 2013 – Great White Egret on Rockcliffe Marsh…

  1. mick kirk says:

    Sat at Port Stormont (Gretna) lunchtime today and saw a large white egret. – would this be the bird you saw earlier in October? Is it still around?

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