30th September 2013 – A second look at the Ibises…

I decided to head back down to the Kent Estuary today hoping to get some flight shots of the Glossy Ibises. I couldn’t stop for very long though as I had to be back for work at 4pm, but I was hoping I would have just long enough – as long as they were still there of course. The drive down the M6 was in glorious autumn sunshine, and I was hopeful that the weather would be the same at Foulshaw, allowing for some good photographic opportunities. Then, just as we parked up the car, a single annoying grey cloud rolled in and refused to budge for the whole time we were there! All around there were blue skies in every direction, I could even see the sun shining on the marshes a mile or so away. Bugger. Anyway at least the birds were still present, although they never showed as well as on Saturday and generally they were too far away for my equipment. What fab birds to see though.





The egret looks as if it's saying 'What the **** is that!!?'

An egret looking particularly shocked to see an Ibis!







With four birds on the Scottish side of the Solway at Caerlaverock today surely I have a chance of adding this species to my patch list over the next few days?….

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