25th September 2013 – Med Gulls…

My shifts at work recently have been allowing me to get out birding on most days, but as you’ll guess from my lack of posts I’ve seen nowt of interest. There’s plenty of goldies about to keep me amused, but so far I’ve yet to find anything amongst them. Frustratingly American Golden Plovers have twice been belatedly reported from Anthorn during the last five days. First there was a report of one on Friday 20th, but news of this came out at 1032pm depriving anyone else the chance to see it. Then this morning came a report of an AGP at Anthorn which referred to ‘yesterday’. Two reports, neither giving anyone else the opportunity to see the bird on the actual day of the sighting. So I’ve decided that the next time I find a county rarity I’m gonna wait it until it’s completely dark before I report it, or maybe I’ll just report it the next day – if I can be bothered. Sorry about that, but if you can’t beat ’em…  😉

Anyway, here’s hoping that there is an AGP out on the Solway somewhere, I’m sure there is, but all I could find today was four Greenshanks and two Med Gulls – an adult and a 2nd winter…

adult Med Gull

adult Med Gull

2nd winter Med Gull

2nd winter Med Gull

2nd winter Med Gull

2nd winter Med Gull

2nd winter Med Gull

2nd winter Med Gull

Speckled Wood - garden tick...

Speckled Wood – garden tick…



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