1st September 2013 – Spotred is the highlight…

It was feeling distinctly autumnal this morning on the Solway, but I didn’t mind that at all, in fact I quite like it being gloomy at a weekend as I find that the cool and windy conditions are ideal for keeping the tourists away! Once again there were masses of birds to check through on the rising tide…


but all I could find was this Spotted Redshank…







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One Response to 1st September 2013 – Spotred is the highlight…

  1. David Hankin says:

    Its good to see you back on line – after the sustained “radio silence” over July and most of August I was growing rather concerned. I am a Cumbrian exile (originally from Ireby near Wigton) living in land locked deepest Leicestershire. Your postings keep me in touch with my home land and teenage haunts. I have spent many happy hours along the Solway estuary but was quite unaware of the delights of Finglandrigg Wood until I read your recent blog. Visiting family in late June I made a point of searching out the wood and and spent a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon in the company of Redstarts, Lesser Whitethroat and a hoast of comon warblers. I will return. Meanwhile I look forward to following your exploits from afar and enjoying your wonderful photos.

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