2nd June 2013 – Shrike-less Solway…

Blimey I’ve just realised that it’s been over two weeks since I last posted – which kind of sums up just how much I’ve actually seen in the last couple of weeks! Unfortunately I was working all weekend when the Northeast coast was dripping with rarities and scarce migrants, bah! Oh well, at least there were no lifers on offer for me, but even so it seemed like the whole stretch of coast was full of rarity-finding opportunities – Collared Fly, Lesser Grey Shrike, Thrush Nightingale etc, along with a supporting cast of dozens of Red-backed Shrikes, Bluethroats, Wrynecks etc turning up all over the place. So, convinced I’d find my own stonking male Red-backed Shrike or dazzling Bluethroat I spent much of my freetime in the last 14 days or so diligently searching the ditches, scrub and fence-lines on the marshes. And the result? Absolutely jack ****!!!! Nothing. Zilch. Grrr. Each day before or after work I went out full of optimism, and each time I returned home grumpy and shrike-less. It’s been incredibly frustrating, the Solway seemingly has loads of perfect looking habitat which should have a shrike or two but let’s face it – it’s on the wrong side of the country. It really doesn’t matter how much time I spend looking, that Bluethroat just ain’t gonna happen. East coast birders are so damned lucky.

So here’s some pics of stuff in my garden instead. Sorry about that.

Two weeks ago there was localised flooding - it just rained and rained...

Two weeks ago there was localised flooding up here – it just rained and rained…





Spotfly noted back in the garden on the 28th May.

Spotted Flycatcher first noted back in the garden on the 28th May – always nice to see.






Garden Bluebells

Garden Bluebells

Obviously this wasn't in the garden. Shame.

Obviously this wasn’t in the garden. Which is a shame.

Not a shrike.

Not a shrike.

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One Response to 2nd June 2013 – Shrike-less Solway…

  1. Gordon says:

    Might not be any Shrikes, but I still think what you have seen is good, I like the Whitethroat very much.
    All the best Gordon.

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