6th May 2013 – Green-winged Teal and Wood Sand top the bill…

As is often the case I woke up extra early on my day off and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I crept out of bed and went birding…

This meant I was at Campfield very early, it was still very gloomy and raining on and off. I scanned the scrape and was well chuffed to find a Wood Sand – a ‘finds’ tick for me on the Solway…



The flash midway along the lonning at North Plain held a well-marked drake Green-winged Teal. This pool is looking superb at the moment, I reckon it’s gonna get something juicy over the next few weeks – I’m gonna predict a Temminck’s Stint…




Not a Green-winged Teal - or even a bird for that matter...

Not a Green-winged Teal – or even a bird for that matter…

Also around the Solway today were a few Lesser Whitethroats, loads of Sedge Warblers and Common Whitethroats, and a couple of Cuckoo’s – neither of which I actually saw. Then as the weather began to improve we headed down to Keswick for the day to keep the family amused, lovely warm sunshine, watching a bit of cricket by the river and having a kick about with the boy. Perfect.



Of course I also managed to pull in a few birds too, Ospreys at Bass Lake, Wood Warblers etc…


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