1st May 2013 – Little Gulls…

Surprised to see these two smart Little Gulls in the channel off the marsh today…

Adult Little Gull

Adult Little Gull

Adult and 2nd summer Little Gulls

Adult and 2nd summer Little Gulls

They sure are little!

They sure are little!

Also here were 25+ Arctic Terns…



Even more Wheatears were on the marshes today, lost count how many we saw – they seemed to be everywhere we looked. One small area of marsh held at least 20 birds, which makes you wonder just how many are out there…

4 Wheatears

4 Wheatears

and 4 more...

and 4 more…



Lots of Whimbrel are about now too…

Part of a flock of 18 Whimbrel

Part of a flock of 18 Whimbrel feeding in a field

My first couple of Sanderlings were amongst the high tide roost…

Sanderling (top right) with Dunlin

Sanderling (top right) with Dunlin

Kind of disappointed that I couldn’t find a Whinchat or something juicy amongst the Wheatears, but that’s just me – always trying to find a rare! To be honest though the number of Wheatears on my patch at the moment is pretty exceptional, so it’s just nice to be birding amongst all these migrants. Other bits today included my first singing Lesser Whitethroat of the year, Sedge Warbler and Common Whitethroat.

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One Response to 1st May 2013 – Little Gulls…

  1. I read that as of 30 April not a single Wheatear had been reported in Iceland, presumably they’re all here held up by the wind direction.

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