11th April 2013 – Brent Goose on the Solway and now 2 Reed Bunts in the garden…

The Todd’s Canada Goose was seen again yesterday but I unable to locate it this morning, but not many geese were on view today and they were all very flighty. I did however find a decent bird for the Solway – a Dark-bellied Brent Goose. Whilst Brent Goose is a common sight in winter in the south of the county around Rampside and Walney, it’s a genuinely rare bird in the north of the county. Unfortunately my bird today chose a really distant flock of geese and spent the whole time totally obscurred right at the back of the flock…

Horrendous pic of the Brent today

Horrendous pic of the Brent today

A hunting Barn Owl mid-morning was a bit of a surprise at Port…



Back at home the light was nice so I set about trying to get some better images of the Reed Bunting. Whilst I waited there were plenty of Tree Sparrows and Siskins to enjoy…



and 3 Stock Doves showed well for the camera…



And then the Reed Bunting dropped in. But hang on a minute! As I watched it through my camera I could see that this fella didn’t look like ‘our’ bird. The crown on this bird was gingery, it lacked the markings in front of the eye, and it’s black ‘bib’ was more complete and blacker looking. Surely there weren’t two birds!? I went to the computer and looked at the images I took of the bird yesterday, this quickly confirmed that we were indeed being visited by two different birds.

Here is the new bird – or ‘Ginger’ as I’ve now called him….





He disappeared and then about 10 minutes later our original bird appeared (below)…






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One Response to 11th April 2013 – Brent Goose on the Solway and now 2 Reed Bunts in the garden…

  1. Gordon. says:

    Great set of pics Darren, I particularly like the Stock Doves.
    All the best Gordon.

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