4th January 2013 – Sprawk attack!

I just happened to look out of one of the upstairs windows to see a male Sparrowhawk chasing the birds on the feeders. All the birds scattered, with a few birds going into a bush to hide, but the Sprawk kept zipping round the bush hoping to scare them out, and after each circuit he would land on a post. I crept downstairs, grabbed my camera and slowly raised it to the window – hoping he would still be there. Thankfully he was and I fired off these shots, I was torn between watching the action and taking photos!






Quite pleased with the shots considering they were taken on 1/40th of a second and through a window. Eventually his persistance paid off as what looked like an unfortunate Tree Sparrow (nooooo!!!) ended up in his talons.

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2 Responses to 4th January 2013 – Sprawk attack!

  1. Carl Baggott says:

    Wow Darren they are stunning shots – perfect eye contact – well done.

  2. Fantastic shots Darren, especially on 40th of a sec. and he seems to belooking at you as if to say what are you doing.
    All the best Gordon.

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