29th November 2012 – RED-BREASTED GOOSE record shots…

Well at long last my day off coincided with some lovely winter sunshine. So with the Red-breasted Goose still being reported in the area yesterday I headed out onto the Solway. My plan was to do some ‘proper’ birding, I’d even charged up all my camera batteries just in case I found something juicy. I arrived in the Campfield Marsh area and went to get my scope out of the boot to scan through some ducks – and was horrified to see an empty boot staring back at me! Can you believe it?, I’d left my scope and tripod at home – aarrgghhh! What a complete doughnut. Oh well I carried on regardless and headed towards Cardurnock,  finding two smart Bramblings amongst a flighty finch flock on the way…

As I was watching these Nick Franklin pulled up alongside me in his car, he told me he’d already been around Cardurnock and said that all the Barnies were out of view from the road. However we thought we might be able to get views of the birds by donning our wellies and yomping out onto the marsh, and as it was such a fantastic day this seemed like a good idea.

Masses of Barnies in the distance

As we edged nearer Nick set up his scope to begin going through the birds, soon locating the Red-breasted Goose in the process. Lovely jubbly. And here’s how it looked when it was first found…

Many Barnies were sat happily on the mud, with others flying onto the edge of the marsh to feed, actually walking towards us as we stood quietly out of view…

These long distance record shots were the best I could manage, the last thing we wanted to do was flush them, so we kept well back at a sensible distance. However another birder/photographer appeared from the north and the birds spooked – not sure if they’d flown because of him or some other reason but unfortunately lots of birds flew off and we never saw the RBG again despite searching.

The wintering Great White Egret was seen distantly off Campfield on the return home…

A nice couple of hours – cheers Nick for letting me look through your scope!

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One Response to 29th November 2012 – RED-BREASTED GOOSE record shots…

  1. Neil scott says:

    How do darren, been trying to get hold of you, give me a ring

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