1st November 2012 – Shabby Sparrow

Yesterday was gloomy and rainy here (just for a change!), and mid-afternoon I was just having a last few minutes on the sofa before leaving for work, watching the birds in the garden coming and going on the feeders. Then through the rain I glimpsed a sparrow that made me think “What the ….!?!”. As quickly as I saw it, it flew off, not even giving me time to grab my bins. But what I’d seen with my naked eye was enough to get my pulse racing! It had a black breast and flanks…. Surely not?

I grabbed my bins and camera. I literally had just a few minutes before I had to go to work, but with perfect timing it reappeared and I fired off one decent enough record shot…

Just glimpsed with the naked eye it got me going for a second! But clearly not what I was hoping for….

Today the weather was a little better, and the bird returned to the feeders again…

Alongside a proper looking Spog

Basically this bird is a mess. Not quite sure what’s going on with it…

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