28th October 2012 – Another AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER – Solway’s purple patch continues…

Blimey, what a 4 days, a Richardson’s Canada Goose, a Todd’s Canada Goose, and now 2 different American Golden Plovers in the space of 3 days. Today’s adult AGP was in exactly the same field as the less well marked bird I saw 2 days ago!


Bonkers birding. Unfortunately the weather was foul today, very windy, very gloomy, and raining. Not ideal for getting good pics or getting good views, I just grabbed some images and came home!…

So is this a new bird? Or is it the bird I first found on 18th September – and last saw on the 24th September? Here’s some comparison images:

The bird I first found in late September 2012

Today’s bird – 28th October 2012. Note black feathering on lores compared to bird above.

The September 2012 bird to compare with image below.

Note bill length and black feathering around base of bill. Also note more black on underparts and on the undertail coverts. The upperparts feathers also look darker, lacking the neat pale markings.

Many thanks to Craig Shaw for letting me pinch his pics  – you can see more on his blog: http://craigshawsbirdingblog.blogspot.co.uk/ 

Thanks to Craig and Nick today for the updates, although my little boy was less than happy that I had to abandon our pumpkins – I did the Angry Bird one – check it out!


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