26th October 2012 – AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER relocates…

I went looking for the Richardson’s this morning but couldn’t find it, quite a few Barnies about though but most were out of view on the far side of the Wampool.

There was a noisy flock of 30+ Twite here too…

And then near Cardurnock I noticed that the roadside fields were proper full of Golden Plovers so I began to go through them. This is a regular spot for Goldies but today there were loads. Unfortunately tractors and noisy vehicles were constantly flushing them, they were very flighty indeed and were on both sides of the road. I reckon there was about 3000 birds when I first pulled up and I could see lots of variation in plumage as I went through them.

I was leaning my scope on my door when I noticed what looked like a juvenile American Golden Plover, this bird did look different, it was noticeably greyer with a prominent white super and looked long winged. I was now wishing I had my scope on my tripod! I was literally just thinking about opening the door slightly to put my scope up when they all flew up again. Shite! How the hell am I gonna relocate that? Undeterred I began to go through them again once they’d landed. I was then completely stunned to see an adult American Golden Plover amongst them! This bird was in near winter plumage and looked just like the sketches I made of the 2nd bird I found back on 28th September:


I texted other birders and put the news out via RBA. A couple of birders chanced upon it when they drove by and asked me what I was watching, and Nick Franklin was fortunately close-by trying to find the Richardson’s and was soon watching it next to me. It snoozed for about 20 minutes then eventually flew a little closer, showing it’s nice dusky axillaries in the process. Here’s some disgiscoped pics….

Snoozing AGP

The bird was still present when I left at grid ref: NY 171 581, but the probable juvenile I’d seen earlier failed to reappear, but loads of goldies were further back out of view so it could well still be about.

Just a few miles further along the Great White Egret was standing guard on his pool…

Finally a quick look at Port, not as many birds as yesterday but there was a Spotted Redshank and the Little Stint was still present…

Had worse days on the Solway!!!!

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