21st October 2012 – OLIVACEOUS WARBLER, Radde’s Warbler, and RB Fly….

When an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler was found last Sunday afternoon in Fife, I wasn’t expecting it to stay for the whole week whilst I was grafting at work – but bugger me it did – so today it was finally ‘twitch on’! With confirmation that the bird was still present Col and I headed northeast to the beautiful stretch of coast near Crail. This area has been good to us in recent years – both Masked Shrike and Collared Flycatcher gave themselves up here, and now another lifer was up for grabs. It took us about 3hrs and 20 minutes, the last 30 miles or so of the journey was a real drag, and it was with some relief when we finally got parked up at Kilminning. To be honest though once we were out of the car both the Olly and the Radde’s were quickly ‘in the bag’. In fact I think the Radde’s was the first bird I saw there! So, pressure off, it was time to enjoy. The Olly was particularly vocal, and when it was calling it was very easy to locate…

….the Radde’s though was typically more skulky, it kept lower down in the darker areas of scrub whilst we were there… bloomin’ gorgeous bird though…

After having our fill of these two beauties we went to look for the nearby Red-breasted Flycatcher, and what a showy little fella this bird was…

 Get in!

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3 Responses to 21st October 2012 – OLIVACEOUS WARBLER, Radde’s Warbler, and RB Fly….

  1. Fantastic day, and superb photographs, especially the RbF. First class!

  2. Neil says:

    Cracking shots mate

  3. baz says:

    great pics!!!

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