29th September 2012 – Late Common Sand is a surprise…

Out on the patch again today, but nowt much to report really. The light was perfect first thing for going through the waders, but I couldn’t find anything unusual…

Looking over to Scotland from Drumburgh Marsh

A look at Port revealed stacks of Redshank and Goldies, unusually high numbers of Barwits and a couple of juv Curlew Sands…

Then a scan of the harbour got my pulse racing for a sec – an extremely distant ‘common’ type Sandpiper… I quickly walked down to the harbour area and began searching for the bird. Quite a while passed with no further sign of it, then I heard a Common Sandpiper flight call and the bird flew past me… damn, as we’re nearly into October I was hoping it was gonna be a Spotted….

Been looking through all my shots of the ‘original’ AGP and liked these ones:

Nice head shape comparison


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