22nd September 2012 – Solway Sunrise & relocating the AGP…

Keen to get out birding this morning I was up at the crack of dawn, there had been a good frost overnight and it was very chilly indeed, but it was worth getting up early just for the sunrise over the Solway – it was stunning…

Col was already there searching through the waders as the tide dropped, but once again there didn’t seem to be many goldies about, loads of Redshank though, a few Blackwits and the Ruff…

We moved onto Bowness where we stumbled across good numbers of goldies roosting along the shore, but alas we were unable to locate the Yankie G here either. At Drumburgh there is a promising looking flood just west of the village and on it this morning there was a juvenile Curlew Sand, 7 Blackwits and a couple of Snipe. Hmm, need to keep an eye on this place, could be good….

A Sand Martin was perched on a wire along with a few Swallows – I guess there’ll all be gone any day now…

As we left Drumburgh Col spotted some distant goldies and Lapwings in a field so we decided to check through them, but the sunshine was hindering the viewing a bit. Nice view though…

There is an American Golden Plover in this picture – honest!

Then, would you believe it, I relocated the Yankie G! It was still in the area. Bloody brilliant. We were well chuffed to have refound this cracking bird – and not even 5 minutes from home too! Digiscoped crappy pic looking into the sun, yeah yeah excuses excuses…




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