18th September 2012 – AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER !!!!!! on the patch…

At last – after a year of seeing not much, I have finally found something. And a species that I have been hoping to find for a long time – an AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER! I have been having a pretty bad year locally, struggling to see anything of any interest, and to be honest at times it has got a bit tedious going out and seeing nothing. But then you get a day like today, and it all becomes worthwhile. I’d arrived at Port just as the tide was receding, this tends to be the best time for the first Goldies to return after the high tide roost. I parked up by the side of the road and could see decent numbers of waders, maybe a hundred Goldies or so, and the light was superb for a change. Amongst them was a handful of Black-tailed Godwits…

I continued to scan through them and then I noticed what looked like a moulting adult American Golden Plover. I zoomed in my eyepiece to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Amazingly this is the exact same spot that I’d found a Pacific Goldie back in 2005, cool. I rang the news out to RBA and began texting/phoning birding pals to let them know. After about 40 minutes of watching the bird (whilst staying in the car), they inexplicably flew off towards the harbour, damn I was hoping they wouldn’t do this as I knew that it would be difficult to relocate on the more distant scars. Nick Franklin arrived shortly after and I had to tell him the bad news, but we began to search for it again. I picked it up again but it was far more distant, so we decided to move further along the marsh to gain closer views. But it disappeared again down a creek, and just as Col had arrived too. Thankfully though within a minute of him turning up I found it again and he got his fill through my scope. Result! It was still there when we left and will hopefully stay for others to enjoy over the next few days…

After all the excitement of this bird I didn’t really check for anything else, although there was a single Ruff with the Redshanks and we could hear a Greenshank calling.

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One Response to 18th September 2012 – AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER !!!!!! on the patch…

  1. G says:

    Nice one !! Now send it over here please……

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