10th July 2012 – Nowt to say!

The title of this post says it all. I’ve seen absolutely naff all recently. So I’ve not posted anything for ages. The patch has been very quiet, but thankfully the first returning waders are beginning to arrive now – Common Sands, Whimbrel, Golden Plovers, Redshank and Dunlin – numbers are beginning to rise nicely. The next few months should hopefully be more interesting than the last one.

I have to admit that I’ve completely lost interest in the twitching side of things at the moment, with only one new tick so far this year (Common Yellowthroat). In good old Cumbria things have been even worse so I’ve given up county listing too. I’ve missed out on all the juicy stuff – Laughing Gull, Glossy Ibises, Long-billed Dowitcher, Black-winged Stilt, Greenish Warbler etc. Unfortunately the Stilt – a county first, wasn’t seen by any of the top county listers because news wasn’t released for 4 hours – by which time the bird had departed, much to the chagrin of those who tried for it. All of the above species were in the south of the county – which is a long way from here, and having to work for a living means that connecting with stuff down there can be virtually impossible for me. So I’ve decided to give up trying, it’s far less stressful! In the last month or so I’ve also managed to dip a Bee-eater in Cumbria too! And news of yet another good bird – an American Golden Plover on Grune Point has only just been released -it was seen on the 22nd June (!). Don’t get me started! Seems pointless bothering to tell anyone now, may as well just read about it in the county report next year.

I know this blog is supposed to be about birding but as I’ve got nowt to say about that I’ll waffle on about something else instead. So at the risk of sounding a bit like Mr Titchmarsh I’ve been busy pottering about in the garden when I’ve not been at work. Yep, call me an old git if you like but it’s always been something that I’ve enjoyed, in the garden I can relax and unwind, and put the stresses of work and suppressed rarities behind me. When we moved into this old cottage over 2 years ago the garden was a mess, unloved and overgrown. But now, after lots of hard graft and lots of TLC we have a garden that is a pleasure to be in for all the family…

The view south from our garden.

The four nest boxes I made and put up in the garden have been a success again this year, the local Tree Sparrow population has once again been boosted, and whilst I’m in the garden I’m usually joined by a few Spotted Flycatchers…

Anyway, hopefully my next post won’t be about gardening at all and will be about the Red-necked Stint I’ve just found…. Well we can all dream can’t we?

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2 Responses to 10th July 2012 – Nowt to say!

  1. Neil scott says:

    I feared the worst for you mate, lol. So at least your alive and well

  2. nick franklin says:

    lovely garden mate, very jealous

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