7th June 2012 – Isle of Mull and Iona (part 3)

I was up early this morning and had a walk around the campsite tracks before the rest of the family were out of bed. Nothing of note really but some nice photographic opportunities in the early morning sunshine…

The smell of bacon cooking had me heading back to the tent, mmm. And then we headed back up the Ross of Mull. Before we had left home my nephew had printed out a target list of things he was hoping to see, and the only realistic thing missing from it now was Otter. Of course Otter was high on everyones wish list, so today we made a special effort to try to find one – but would we be successful?

We drove east through Bunessan again…

The shore along Loch Scridain looked perfect for Otters, and as the tide dropped it exposed plenty of ideal looking seaweed covered rocks which we scanned carefully.

But still nothing, so we headed a short distance along the ‘scenic’ road to Salen (as if the other roads aren’t scenic!!). This takes you along the northeastern end of Loch Scridain. We scanned and scanned but still no joy. Plenty of these though…

And these were everywhere…

We began to retrace our steps, always with one eye on the skies for raptors…

And then, on a distant seaweed covered island, we finally spotted an Otter. All to soon it swam into the water and disappeared. It gradually swam a little closer and we were hoping it would continue to come in our direction, but then it decided to swim out into deeper water. It was feeding very successfully, pretty much every time it surfaced it was eating something. Pleased with our views we were just about to leave when I noticed it had changed direction again and was heading back to the shore. Excellent! And here it is…

Feeling very chuffed with ourselves we headed back to camp for our last night here, seeing this on the way…

Our short break had gone way too quickly, we had barely scratched the surface to be honest, we hadn’t gone further than 20 miles from Fidden, and yet we had seen some spectacular wildlife and seen some breathtaking scenery. There is still so much I want to see and so much more I want to explore, for instance I would love to take the boat trips to Staffa and the Treshnish Isles next time. But this gives me a great excuse to have to go back!

Waiting in the sunshine at Craignure for the ferry back to Oban

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2 Responses to 7th June 2012 – Isle of Mull and Iona (part 3)

  1. Carl Baggott says:

    I’m pleased you had a great time on Mull. I love the Corncrake photos in the earlier posting. I can thoroughly recommend the trip out to Staffa and Lunga. The Puffins on Lunga are great.

  2. Neil scott says:

    You’ve had a very quiet month fella after your holiday

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