21st May 2012 – CREAM-COLOURED COURSER (revisited!)

Nope, I’ve not been to see the stunning looking bird in Herefordshire, but it’s appearance has given me a good excuse to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of my pics of the bird I saw on Scillies back in 2004. It remains one of the best birds I’ve ever been lucky enough to see in Britain, definitely in my top 5 of all time. I would love to see the current adult in Herefordshire but I don’t think I’ll get the chance, as usual I’m stuck at work…..which sucks….

The scillies bird sadly perished but it gave unbeatable views to hundreds of admirers during it’s month-long stay. And to be honest there is nowhere I’d sooner see a Courser than on the beautiful Isles of Scilly. Well apart from Burgh Marsh maybe!!… Amazingly it is already on the Cumbria list, an adult male was shot at Grune Point in October 1947. A bit before my time unfortunately!

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One Response to 21st May 2012 – CREAM-COLOURED COURSER (revisited!)

  1. Carl Baggott says:

    Great Pics – I remember it well, sort of.

    That was a good trip we made to the Scillies back in 2004. Your not on your own with work as I’d like to see the Herefordshire bird too.

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