29th April 2012 – Meet the Mistle Thrush family

It’s always the same isn’t it? Why do you always wake up really early on your day off? And as I lay there trying to get back to sleep I began to get visions of those bloomin’ Ibises strolling around at North Plain. So it was no use, I had to get up and check if they were back. I should’ve stayed in bed because obviously they weren’t and I froze in the process. What on earth happened to spring? It’s more like February than the end of April, ah well, I’m still hopeful they are still in the area and I will catch up with them. Hey, there’s optimism for you! As I did the long walk of shame back to the car I heard my first Sedge Warbler of the year singing from deep within a tangle of brambles. I glimpsed him a few times as he belted out his song, but he was a very elusive chap, no doubt doing his best to keep out of the biting wind. Bet the poor sod was wondering what the heck it was doing here!

Recently around the garden I’ve noticed a lot of rattling from Mistle Thrushes, which made me wonder if they were maybe nesting nearby. However I didn’t think for one second that they were nesting much closer to home than I thought! Peering out of the lounge window this evening as the rain lashed down I noticed a Mistle Thrush with a beak full of food fly on to a branch of a close tree. It then flew to a stout branch against the trunk of the tree and I was gobsmacked to see another bird which had obviously been sitting on a nest. I got my bins and saw three hungry mouths being fed! Superb. And all this has been going on right under my nose and I’ve not had a clue about it. Here’s a couple of record shots taken through the window and rain…

And a better one from last week – and look, the sun was even out for a second or two…

* Bugger. Just as I finished writing this I notice that there are 3 Glossy Ibises in Aberdeen tonight. Surely not?! Coincidence or have the Campfield birds flown all that way?

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4 Responses to 29th April 2012 – Meet the Mistle Thrush family

  1. Neil scott says:

    Love reading your blogs mate, makes me wanna get out there even when I don’t know what’s what. How long have you had a site ?

  2. Allison says:

    I have a family of Mistle Thrush in my garden. I reared one which had fallen from its nest 20 years ago and havent seen one since. Were they scarce for a while? Are they making a comeback?

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