27th April 2012 – Arctic Skua over the house!

What an unexpected and exhilarating end to the day. Up until this evening it had been a typically disappointing day. I’d done a 5am – 2pm shift earlier, and after work I was hoping to travel down to see the Glossy Ibis that has recently been making erratic appearances near Arnside – still a county mega and much needed county tick for me. However there was negative news from this morning so that was the end of that. So instead I did the patch again, and as usual I saw diddly squat. There are at least some waders beginning to move through though, but most species seem very late arriving this year. Then tonight whilst watching the telly I noticed a Swift – a year tick, so I grabbed my bins and went outside. Also with the Swallows and the Swift was a Sand Martin, only the 2nd time I’ve seen one over the house. Then it all went a bit crazy. At about quarter past eight whilst watching the hirundines I noticed another bird flying past and heading southeast, and as I raised my bins I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. It was an Arctic Skua! I know I only live a short distance away from the Solway, but it wasn’t one I was expecting to get on the garden list! Very bizarre, no winds to speak of, and the wind direction is a northeasterly, just about as wrong as it can get for skua passage on the Solway, so what on earth was it doing heading inland over my house? Bonkers. The craziness continued when both a Barn Owl and a Tawny Owl showed from the garden too. Hmm, I don’t think I’ll leave the house from now on…

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3 Responses to 27th April 2012 – Arctic Skua over the house!

  1. david mclean says:

    any houses for sale next to yours haha

  2. Nice one Darren, your house isn’t a designated NR. by any chance lol.

  3. Neil says:

    I probably see as many birds as you Darren the difference is i have no idea what most of them are

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