23rd April 2012 – Gropper & Whimbrel

For me one of the highlights of each spring is hearing the unmistakable reeling song of the Grasshopper Warbler. Getting good views however can sometimes be very tricky, but I usually find that patience and fieldcraft can often be rewarded with some outstanding views. This morning before work, I heard my first reeler of the year and soon pinned it down to an area of gorse on the marsh, and this one was a real performer!

Willow Warblers are singing all over the place now…

And my first Whimbrels of the year were nearby…

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One Response to 23rd April 2012 – Gropper & Whimbrel

  1. Mike Mills says:

    What great images Darren, well done we loved the kingfisher too. Stunning shots of some of our regular stuff beats mediocre shots of rarity in our book. We regularly await your next posting!
    Many thanks for keeping us supplied.

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