12th April 2012 – Hooked on Kingfishers

Recently I have been spending far too much of my spare time lurking alongside the nearby stream watching my Kingfishers, in fact I wouldn’t like to guess at how many hours I’ve spent there, hoping to get ‘the’ shot. I think sitting there in the cold is one of the reasons I’ve just had man-flu, the recent balmy conditions at the end of March seem like a distant memory now, with the cold weather returning over the last ten days or so. Anyway, at long last this morning I managed a few nice shots of the female bird…

At home Bullfinches have been regular visitors to the garden…

As have the Stock Doves…

Although the colder weather seems to have put a block on migrants here, I still haven’t seen a Swallow or House Martin yet, although a singing Blackcap in the garden is new in today.

Back on 7th March I was able to read a neck collar (TVT) on a Pink-footed Goose at Whitrigg, well the BTO have just sent me details about the bird. It was ringed on 16th December 2007 at Loch of Lintrathen in Angus (NE of Blairgowrie). It was a male bird and was at least 1 year old when it was ringed. My observation is the first since the initial ringing, 1543 days later and 199km from the ringing site.

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