15th March 2012 – Return of the Glauc

If like me, you are fortunate enough to live in this wonderful part of the country, you will also no doubt be getting fed up of waking up recently to dreary, grey, drizzly dull weather day after day. Well I am anyway, it’s doing my bloomin’ head in. Grey, grey, grey. It’s the sort of weather that just makes you wanna stay indoors. But undeterred I took a stroll up to New Sandsfield this afternoon and it was actually worthwhile as I was rewarded with the reappearance of the 1w Glaucous Gull roosting on the shingle on the River Eden. This bird hasn’t been reported for a month but it’s probably been lurking there all along.

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One Response to 15th March 2012 – Return of the Glauc

  1. Andrew Walker says:

    bit of an obscure way of trying to get in touch with someone, but could you put me in touch with Nick Hayton if possible, i’ve lost all contact details with him, and have noticed that he’s been in touch with you. p.s. love the photos they truly show off the beauty of the region we live in. thanks in advance. p.p.s carol’s worried about him haha

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