13th March 2012 – Blue morph SNOW GOOSE reappears…

To be honest the views I had of the blue-morph Snow Goose in early January weren’t great, I had just been glad to see it. The visibility through the near horizontal rain was crap to say the least, but I was hoping that it would stay for the winter and that I would be able to catch up with it again…

And so today, after ‘vanishing’ for over two months, I was back on it’s trail. It had been reported yesterday near Lessonhall with Pinks, but where on earth had it been in the meantime? It just goes to show how difficult geese can be to find up here, and also that there are clearly plenty of areas where geese can go unnoticed for lengthy periods. Anyway it was yet another digiscoping jobby, so here’s my best efforts (why are geese always behind a bloody fence!)….

As expected this winter there was also plenty of Whitefronts about, I counted at least 23 Euro’s and at least 13 Greenland, but there could well have been more as lots of geese were hidden behind hedges…


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