10th February 2012 – Two Smew

Absolutely freezin’ at Talkin Tarn today, my fingers were numb with the wind chill, and the Smew were playing silly buggers! We could see that there was a pair on the far side of the Tarn so we walked round to where they were, and the minute we stopped to set up the scope they flew back to where we’d just come from! So we walked all the way back and you guessed it, they flew off again! Flippin’ eck! This happened three times but eventually they did settle and actually came very close to the shore – I wish I’d had my DSLR now as I would’ve nailed them, trying to digiscope them in the choppy water was incredibly frustrating!! But the best I’ve seen Smew for many a year. No Brambling though.

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2 Responses to 10th February 2012 – Two Smew

  1. david s mclean says:

    dont know how you do it but your pics are ace a work colleague claims there was a black swan there last w/end cheers will visit next week

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