Yesterday’s Brent Goose – a moral dilemma

Holy moly – the roads are like an ice rink this morning. Glad I’m not driving buses today!

Back to the title of this post. Unwittingly photographing that Brent Goose yesterday has got me thinking – should I really count it on my year list?!…

After all I didn’t actually see it in the field, but I still managed to take photographs that prove it was really there! It’s a strange one.

Anyway with the weather gloomy and miserable again I thought I’d scrutinise all the images I took yesterday of the flying geese in the hope that I could find the blue morph Snow Goose! Yes I really should get out more. But that got me thinking as well, just how far photography has come in recent years. I am able to open up an image on the screen and zoom into every part of it checking each goose as I go, heaven knows if I had a better camera you could probably tell if they had rings too! To show what I mean the image below is the uncropped version…. I’ve put an arrow pointing to the Brent Goose to help you!….

And below is the cropped version which clearly shows the Brent….

So is that cheating too? I managed to find it in another couple of images too – but I’m not helping you this time…

But despite my best efforts the only other species I could find was this lone Barnie…

And the bird at the bottom of this image potentially looks good for a Bean. Hmm. Need to stop this now I’m starting to go crazy!

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2 Responses to Yesterday’s Brent Goose – a moral dilemma

  1. Craig Shaw says:

    yeh tick it….. i spotted the brent in all pics and i recon your bean is a bean, or it could be a orange legged pinkfoot, but you would be very unlicky if it is.. arent cameras great…. Whitefronts on soddy again this morning.

  2. Gordon says:

    In my book mate if it was in your field of vision tick it.
    All the best Gordon , Penrith.

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