8th February 2012 – Glauc ‘n’ Geese

Same as yesterday, school run then straight to Sandsfield to see the Glauc.

It was showing really well again and I was soon getting great scope views when all the birds suddenly took to the air. I looked around and soon spotted the reason – a Peregrine was hunting.

This was another good opportunity to get a few flight shots, but unfortunately it didn’t hang around and flew off towards Carr Beds.

Nearby fields held about 30 European Whitefronts…

Then a quick look at Easton, where I was rewarded with the fantastic sight of thousands of pinks flying around. They were in fields that were viewable distantly from the road and I was able to make out at least 200 European Whitefronts and 1 Greenland Whitefront…

And then a nice surprise, as I was reviewing my images I spotted this Brent Goose amongst the Pinks and Whitefronts, which completes every goose species seen in North Cumbria this year!! Well apart from Lesser Whitefront and Small Canada Goose….

There were also some Beans but as I was zooming in the whole lot took off and flew to fields out of view…. Bugger.

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