7th February 2012 – Stonking Glauc just up the road!

The only good thing about back shifts is that if the weather is ok I can nip out for an hour before work. After dropping my boy off at school I went to take a look for the Glaucous Gull nearby on the River Eden. The fog and gloom had gone and it was a crisp frosty morning with unbroken blue skies, and there on the shingle, was the Glauc. In this light I was able to appreciate all the delicate markings, and dare I say it, this brute of a gull almost looked beautiful. It gave us really great views, in fact it actually circled us inquisitively calling as it did so. In a somewhat bizarre coincidence the only other Glauc I’ve seen in Cumbria was on this same stretch of shingle back in January 2005. Bonkers. Oh and Tracy (my long suffering wife for those who don’t know) had a ‘Vicar of Dibley’ moment whilst we were there. It was hilarious, I was nearly crying with laughter when she disappeared in the mud way past her knees. You had to be there! But I had to pull her out, she had the scope!

And a couple of pics from Anthorn from Sunday afternoon after the fog eventually lifted. A handful of Euro Whitefronts were on the mud amongst a couple of thousand mixed geese and masses of Barnies were on Newton Marsh including the mega distant Ross’s Goose.

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One Response to 7th February 2012 – Stonking Glauc just up the road!

  1. Dave Hickson says:

    You have some amazing flight shots Darren. I just love those whitefronts coming in to land

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