23rd January 2012 – Rare goose does the dirty on Cumbria!!…

Last day of my 3 day weekend today, it’s another 5 weeks before my next weekend off – the joys of having to work for a living eh? So I was keen to get another fill of the Red-breasted Goose whilst I had the opportunity. At least that was the plan, but unfortunately the Barnies had other ideas. Passing the Great White Egret en route I soon arrived at Cardurnock. There were two reasonably large flocks there this morning, but one flock was mostly out of view hampering any chance of picking out the RBG. The other flock was showing much better but alas there was no sign of it anywhere, and the only thing of note was this White-fronted Goose…

There was also three of those leucistic Barnies, here’s two of them…

With so many geese to search through and so many out of view I still felt that the RBG was probably still lurking out there somewhere, so I returned this afternoon to give them another grilling. Unfortunatley I still couldn’t locate it and later on I found out why – it was at bloody Caerlaverock on the other side of the Solway! The betrayal! Outrageous. Give it back! Makes me even more pleased that I saw it yesterday now. Still, I’m sure it will be back on our side soon. Even without the RBG I never tire of seeing masses of Barnacles take to the air. It is quite simply one the best sights in birding.


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2 Responses to 23rd January 2012 – Rare goose does the dirty on Cumbria!!…

  1. Mike Mills says:

    Hi Darren, Those are stunning shots of a sky full of barnies, not to mention your RBG shots – top notch. We had a trip up from whitehaven on 26th and can confirm that there was no sign of the red breasted !- just the egrets, grey plover, all the other geese and a fine weasel!
    I trust you will be offering some of these shots to the BTO atlas, we rate them as good as you get!

  2. Neil scott says:

    How doooooo, been watching your diary recently having came across it on a website. I live in Carlisle and I’m trying to embrace birding, wildlife and walking in my aim to do more than just sit in the house all the time I’m not working. My big problem I have little idea where to go apart from the few hides I visit, would you be able to recommend some places or possibly take me for instance to meet your kingfisher.

    Kind Regards

    Neil Scott

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