22nd January 2012 – RED-BREASTED GOOSE! – a real wild goose chase…

Wow what a day! Great fun. I was just feeding my garden birds when I received a call from Nick saying he’d just had a Red-breasted Goose with Barnies just up the road from me at Drumburgh. Unfortunately it was flushed seconds later by dog walkers, and flew off into the distance disappearing in the direction of Caerlaverock. Aaarrghhh!!! Within minutes I’d joined Nick – I suggested that the geese were unlikely to travel as far as Caerlaverock in the windy conditions and that they were more likely to head towards the Cardurnock/Anthorn areas. Back in the cars we headed west. Then my phone rang again, it was Craig, who had unbelievably just had it fly over him near North Plain!! It was still heading west towards the masts! Soon Craig joined the chase, I caught a glimpse of the Great White Egret on Campfield Marsh as we sped passed but barely gave it a second glance – we were on a mission to find a goose! As we drove through Cardurnock we could see several hundred Barnacle Geese feeding in one of their favourite fields – surely it would be here with them? And there it was, it had just flown about 7 miles and we’d chased it all the way, and then refound it again. What a beauty it was. And what a laugh we had getting it. Cheers Nick.

I knew my Sunday lunch was now in the cat but I thought I should head back home, but as I passed the scrape again the GWE was showing off so it would’ve been rude not have stopped.

And then as I neared home one of the Little Egrets landed right by the pool just as I went passed! Just one them rare days when everything falls into place.


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