4th January 2012 – Goosefest part 2…

More geese have arrived at Abbeytown and yesterday Craig managed to find a blue morph Snow Goose amongst them. Another good find. Running out of species to find there now!… So the plan was to go there this afternoon after work, I had a 5am – 2pm shift today so I figured I should just about get enough time. However the weather had other ideas, what a bloody awful afternoon it’s been here. I nearly didn’t bother at all, but it’s not far to go and I optimistically hoped that the weather might improve. It didn’t. It got worse. When I got there the rain was torrential, and was almost horizontal in the gale force winds. It was dark, the inside of my car was steaming up, and I daren’t even get out. I manouvred my car so that I was able to open my window and began scanning through the distant geese, soon locating my quarry through the gloom. I know the digiscoped pics below are pathetic, but in those conditions and with a shutter speed of 1/15th second I wasn’t expecting to get anything at all. Just glad to see it to be honest.

See! Told you they were bad! Thankfully Craig took far better pics yesterday and has kindly allowed me to use the pic below. Cheers.

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