31st December 2011 – Desert Delight!

Some time ago a 1st winter male Desert Wheatear was discovered at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland, but it wasn’t until today that I finally got round to taking a look. After parking up by the church we made our way north along the beach, and the further we walked the more I began to wonder whether I’d left it too late and the bird had departed. And then, just as we approached the last bit of beach before Beacon Point I saw the bird fly away in front of me. Phew! It was still there, my second-ever Desert Wheatear, and first since 1999. I was then treated to unbeatable views, it was remarkably confiding, often approaching me as close as a few feet, and despite the overcast conditions I managed to get a few decent pics.

In the bay off Church Point there were several Med Gulls of various ages, including 1w, 2w and adults….


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One Response to 31st December 2011 – Desert Delight!

  1. James Robson says:

    Some great shots there! I must have missed you by minutes. Same story for me today – I’d just given up hop and looking back north it popped into the dune wall.

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