2nd December 2011 – Disappearing Swans…

I’m not a big fan of winter birding I’m afraid, cold, dark short days just don’t do it for me. However Col had found 2 Bewick’s Swans amongst 300 Whoopers tuther day and I’ve only seen this species in Cumbria on one other occasion, so I forced myself out into the cold on my day off today. I quickly came to the conclusion I should’ve stayed in the warm, as it turned out to be fruitless trip – we couldn’t even find a single bloody swan let alone the Bewick’s! We searched around, checking out places where they regularly hang out but to no avail – 302 Swans had gone awol. We broadened our search but still nothing, the only bird of interest, well sort of interest, was this leucistic Barnacle Goose. Someone wake me up when it’s spring.

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