27th November 2011 – Bean Goose Bonanza!

When local birder Craig Shaw found an unbelievably large flock of Bean Geese near Silloth on the 25th I was hoping they would stay around until my day off today. I can’t recollect ever hearing of such a large group (76) of Tundra Bean Geese anywhere in Britain, let alone Cumbria, so full marks to Craig for his perseverance to stay local. Thankfully they had stayed faithful to the same area and were still present this morning, although the numbers had dropped slightly today (only a  pathetic 52!!!), alongside at least 4 Eurasian White-fronted Geese, a few Greylags and a Pinkfoot. There were also reasonable numbers of Whooper Swans, a Mute Swan and a Ruff all feeding in the same field. It was also great to catch up with some good mates who were also out enjoying the spectacle. Whilst they gave good scope views they were too distant for the SLR so my trusty old coolpix was dusted down once again whilst staying inside the car to avoid flushing them. They had also unfortunately chosen a field which meant that we were looking directly into the low sun so these were the best pics I could manage. 

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