20th November 2011 – Flame-bellied Black Redstart…

Despite not getting in from work until well after midnight last night I was keen to see the Eastern Black Restart (form phoenicuroides) which has been on Holy Island in Northumberland since the 16th. Apart from being extremely rare, it is also a superb looking bird, and Holy Island is without doubt one of my favourite places in Britain – kind of like Scillies but without the 1000 mile round trip! We arrived a little earlier than expected and had to wait for the tide to drop enough so that we could cross the causeway, but it soon did and we were on our way again. The bird was favouring the rocks on the beach below the school, but to get down it was necessary to do a bit of abseiling! It was a steep climb down but thankfully a strong rope had been placed alongside to hold on to, but even so my descent was far from pretty! Once down though the bird quickly gave itself up and gave outstanding views. A beautiful bird indeed.

A group of Brent Geese were noisily feeding close inshore allowing for a few pics…

And then it was a case of taking in the breathtaking scenery and messing about on the beach with the family. A superb day.

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One Response to 20th November 2011 – Flame-bellied Black Redstart…

  1. Mike Mills says:

    You are certainly getting about and scoring some excellent images Darren. Much appreciated, keep them coming

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