12th November 2011 – Shrike ‘n’ Owls

When a Greater Yellowlegs was reported from East Chevington this morning we decided to head east just in case, however the bird refused to play ball so we went to Prestwick Carr instead – and this proved to be a wise decision. A Great Grey Shrike had been seen at 10am, but upon our arrival I soon learnt that it hadn’t been seen since then. A few birders were gathered and all had their scopes trained on the area the bird had last been seen in. I decided to look elsewhere, and what do you know, found the bird, which was preening way in the distance on the opposite side of the road to where they were all looking! I shouted them over and we all enjoyed the bird, which eventually flew towards us and landed in a treetop quite close.


Nearby the same area hosted several hunting Short-eared Owls. They blew me away to be honest, flying around totally unconcerned by their admirers – absolutely crippling views. A superb couple of hours.


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2 Responses to 12th November 2011 – Shrike ‘n’ Owls

  1. will says:

    stunning set of images! arrived after you and the close up of the shrike! what lens where you using if that’s OK? and as fo the SEO images, great results. Cheers Will

  2. Stringer says:

    Superb !! Love them SEO’s….

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